Luigi Zanzi Award 2016

The Foundation Maria Giussani Bernasconi for Art Restoration and for Humanistic Studies announces the “Luigi Zanzi Award 2016” dedicated to the memory of Professor Luigi Zanzi (1938-2015), eminent and polyhydric scholar of international fame.

The Award (for the sum of €3.000,00) is reserved for a thesis (in Italian, English, German, French or Spanish) defended at Italian and foreign universities’ Doctoral Schools from January 1, 2014 to March 31, 2016, on one of the following themes, principally centered on the research activity and studies conducted by Professor Luigi Zanzi:

– Methodology of history and science;
– History, culture and mountain environment;
– Sacri Monti
– Doctrine of Federalism.

The jury will give preference to works of notable originality.

The application, complete with the text, must be presented with a registered letter and notice of delivery by May 31, 2016, to the Maria Giussani Bernasconi Foundation at the headquarters of the Biblioteca Europea di Informazione e Cultura, V. Silvio Pellico, n. 1, 20121 Milano.
The candidate must present his request for participation in the Award specifying, besides personal data and address, telephone, e-mail address, the following:

  1. title of the thesis;
  2. indication of the scientific area of the thesis;
  3. type of doctorate, name and address of the advisor;
  4. date of the final exam;
  5. information of prizes received and examples.
The following must be attached to the request:

  1. A paper copy as well as a digital version (PDF file) of the thesis
  2. An abstract (4-6 pages) of the thesis in Italian;
  3. The C.V. of the candidate and any other information useful to the judges ((i.e. publications of which the candidate is author or co-author, reviews, recommendations etc.);
  4. Photocopy of the I.D. and fiscal code of the candidate;
  5. Candidate’s address and e-mail address;
  6. Authorization to retain private information according to 196/2003
  7. Title of the Doctorate earned and the address of the advisor;
  8. Date of the final exam;
  9. Awards for the thesis, specified.

Members of the Administrative Council and the Scientific Committee of the Maria Giussani Bernasconi Foundation form the committee of judges.

The Commission, once the standards for evaluation of the theses and the resulting elaborations are formed, will form a graded list of merit of the applicants and will decide on the winner.  The judgment of the Commission is final.

Info: Secretary Fondazione Maria Giussani Bernasconi, via San Martino n. 12, 21100 Varese – tel.: 00 39 0332 830772.

Milan-Varese, 15 March 2016
Antonio Padoa-Schioppa
President’s Fondazione Maria Giussani Bernasconi