European Design

Since 2016 the Foundation is committed to the realization of its mission also through European Design.


With the collaboration of the European Laboratory:

Programma: Europe for Citizens, 2017
Strand: Democratic engagement and civic participation
Titolo: “Europe Tomorrow: no europeanisation without participation”

Participant Identification Code (PIC) per la progettazione europea 913674041
European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS) contact person Eugenio De Caro | email


The overall Objective of the “Europe Tomorrow” project is to foster European citizenship and to improve the conditions for a civic and democratic participation at Union level, by enhancing citizens’ understanding of the actual EU political body and – mainly – of its possible development towards a more federal dimension.
The innovative challenge is to involve directly EU citizens, starting from local and regional trans-border areas located in countries where Euroscepticism has gained more and more ground, up to the point of redrawing political maps and disrupting traditional political divisions, shifting from the criticism of the current integration modalities (Eurocriticism) to an outright hostility toward the European Union itself (Europhobia).
The specific objectives are:

  • To promote a campaign aimed at gathering individual opinions on the growing Euroscepticism, in order to understand the deep roots of the incipient populist nationalism which is spreading in the involved countries
  • To communicate and promote the knowledge of EU policies which are actually close to the everyday life of citizens in order to enhance the citizen’s understanding of the current EU political body and of the already operational dimensions of the European citizenship
  • To face the low electoral turnout by means of a higher involvement and accountability for a democratic participation at the next EP elections.
  • To identify ways of further enhancing of the democratic legitimacy of the EU decision-making process, by converting the growing Euroscepticims into the form of a new-Eurofederalism

All the foreseen outputs, in particular the “Interpretative report on the Euroscepticism surveys”, the “Handbook on the current already operational dimensions of the European citizenship” and the “Vademecum to promote the trust of European citizens towards a Europe of Regions” will be disseminated far beyond the seven countries involved and will be finally mainstreamed to the MEPs in Strasbourg.